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Health Insurance Marketplaces

  • Your Health Idaho

    The state-based insurance marketplace for members in Idaho.
  • Washington Health Plan Finder

    The state-based insurance marketplace for members in Washington state.
  • (Oregon and Montana Members)

    The federally-facilitated insurance marketplace for members in Oregon and Montana.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find my Exchange Member ID?

Your Exchange Member ID is given to you by the Exchange that you signed up through. If you do not have your ID or are not sure where to find it, please contact the Exchange you signed up through.

Can I use my new policy now?

Your payment and enrollment may take several days to complete. You will receive the following mailings from PacificSource in the next few weeks:

  • ID cards
  • A welcome packet that will tell you the date your plan becomes effective. You can use your new policy on or after that effective date.
  • A billing statement for your next premium payment

If you need to visit your healthcare provider or fill a prescription before you receive your materials in the mail, you can contact our Individual Service team to verify that your new policy is in effect.

When will I get my insurance ID cards?

In the next few weeks, you will receive a packet from PacificSource. Your ID cards will be mailed directly to your home. If you need to access healthcare services (such as seeing a doctor or filling a prescription), and your PacificSource ID card has not arrived yet, you can print a temporary ID card from our website and use it until your actual card arrives. Please begin using the new cards as soon as you receive them, and discard any old health insurance cards that are out of date. The next time you visit your doctor or pharmacy, be sure to present your new card so they have the correct insurance information.

I need to pick a doctor from your network. Do you have a list of healthcare providers?

Yes. We have an online Provider Directory to help you find participating providers in your area for your plan. The online directory is updated daily.

Do you have a list of preferred drugs?

Yes. Our drug lists are available online at Your drug list will help your doctor identify medications that can provide the best clinical results at the lowest cost.